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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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2 March (Part 2) - Vote UKIP get Tory

At the end of a sometimes bad tempered 140 minute Council meeting Bexley set its 2016/17 Council Tax 3·99% above last year’s this evening.
The vote, as always, divided along strict party lines with UKIP joining forces with the Conservatives and both rejecting Labour amendments.

Mayor Sybil Camsey appeared to be intent on provoking discontent among Labour members by constantly complaining that they digressed from the subject and actually switching off Councillor Ezenwata’s microphone to silence the voice of Thamesmead East. Tories were however given free rein to rant about the Scottish National Party and opposition motions allegedly presented on “fag packets”. Neither relevant, original nor edifying and pretty much business as usual from the Bexley Boors.

Because the GLA precept has been reduced, Council Tax bills will actually rise by less than 3·99%. About 3·83% by my calculation but 1·86% according to Page 2 of today's News Shopper. One of us is going to have to go back to school. (†)

†: The difference is that the News Shopper has swallowed Bexley’s propaganda that Council Tax is going up by 1·86% and the BiB figure is based on the full extent of the raid on your pocket which includes the Adults’ Services surcharge.


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