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Bonkers Blog March 2016

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1 March - Broadway it is not right now

Broadway BroadwayThe traffic congestion caused by the block laying activities in Broadway was quite modest at 11 a.m. this morning, my bus home was queued almost back to Asda but I don’t suppose it took more than five of six minutes to get through. It helps that buses can apparently jump red lights with impunity.

The lady shown crossing the road (Photo 2) was complaining that she had been standing at the eastern end of the road works for a long time and even when the traffic let up for a moment there was nowhere to safely run to. True, although she could have walked up to Church Road and created more traffic chaos by using the light controlled pedestrian crossing.

One of the men working in the rain said the job would be finished by the end of next week. I think he must mean the Bexleyheath bound carriageway.

Broadway Broadway Broadway Broadway

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