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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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26 June (Part 1) - Bexley the Black Bag Borough

They cut down on litter collections, the green bins issued now are smaller than they used to be and they charge more than any other borough for extra collections. Is anyone surprised at the end result in Tory Bexley?

Rubbish Notice CCTVClose to Abbey Wood station at a place I pass every day, usually more than once, it is rare not to see a pile of black bags. Danny Hackett, the Lesnes Abbey ward Councillor dutifully requests a collection, they are taken away next day and within minutes, literally in one case I observed, the bags are back again. Locals blame the nearby brothel but it’s hard to believe that any single premises can produce so much rubbish.

The problem is particularly severe in this location because several of the nearby flats and shops have no space to keep a bin but Bexley Council has refused to accommodate their needs, instead it has put up three new notices. None of them are where the rubbish is being dumped.

The notices refer to CCTV surveillance. A fat lot of good that will do; the cameras are at the top of a very tall pole and the view of the ground is totally obscured by trees.

Those cameras were installed to monitor the Harrow Manorway flyover after Bexley Council installed bus lanes on it without legal justification in year 2000. I have the letter that confirms they were put in to control parking and not to speed buses on their way. That is why the poles are so tall, to oversee the illegal fly over bus lanes which collected how much revenue would you think? Absolutely nothing! (Source: Bexley Council’s annual parking reports.)

Click Photo 3 and see if you can spot the dome camera.


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