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News and Comment June 2016

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24 June (Part 2) - No peace for the wicked

They may have taken today off but tomorrow local politicians will be tramping the mean streets of St. Michael’s, for next Thursday there is to be a by-election there. The choice is between the parties that voted to impose painful cuts on Bexley, it is already beginning to resemble a wasteland, and the one that would have preferred Councillors absorbed some of the pain with a cut in their allowances.

The Tories in Bexley have cost everyone a great deal of money and not just because they levy among the very highest taxes and charges in the capital. Teresa O’Neill personally put a stop to the Thames crossing by whispering into her friend Boris Johnson’s ear. If she had not, a crossing would have opened two years ago. How much has her misjudgment - she now advocates two crossings - cost London’s economy since then. Billions?

O'Neill Marchant ForsterYesterday I was scheduled to take food - and a lawn mower - to the old lady in East Ham. I can actually see my destination from home, or more accurately I can see the wind turbine that stands a few minutes away from it.

I cancelled the trip because the heavy rain had caused the A13 and the North Circular to be closed. I went today instead.

The outward journey took one hour and fifty five minutes but the return journey was much better. One hour and fifty minutes.

There were thousands of vehicles packed nose to tail and creeping forward by a car length occasionally. The cost to the economy in both lost time and pollution must be astronomical and it is our Teresa who pretty well singlehandedly wreaked that havoc on London.

Don’t do as you did in 2014 and put your St. Michael’s cross where you always do. If there is to be any chance of arresting the tyranny of a Council that has never yet responded positively to any consultation or petition it is vital that next week your X goes somewhere else.

Maybe it will stop Teresa O’Neill’s constant bragging that she was elected in 2014 so can do what she likes; like selling your local park whilst protecting the one that forms her own back yard.


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