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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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23 June (Part 2) - Abbey Wood Village. Open for business

VillageI attended a presentation to traders in Wilton Road a couple of weeks ago. Someone from Bexley Council provided some interesting facts and figures on what Greenwich and Bexley Council had in mind for the areas a little beyond the immediate Crossrail Station environs. No one wants to see a hard demarcation line when going from where £6 million is spent close to the station and where nothing at all has been done. That is why Boris Johnson as Mayor (with contributions from both Councils) provided £300,000 for improvements to what has been renamed Abbey Wood Village. Little of that money, or what remains of it after the Councils charged expenses, has yet been spent, but developments are expected very shortly.

It was announced that improvements to Wilton Road will be managed by Greenwich Council and on the other side of the railway line Bexley Council will look after Harrow Manorway. Both roads as you will know have the borough boundary going down the middle. The flyover itself is entirely Bexley’s.

When the Wilton Road work was going to start was in doubt. A debate was in progress as to whether the materials to be used would be ordinary or something special. The latter would cause a significant delay but ‘cheap’ could be done almost straight away.

Over the past few days there have been developments both north and south of the railway line.

In Harrow Manorway mysterious signs have been erected to say that road resurfacing was due to commence on 16th June. It didn’t. What is that all about? The road was resurfaced less than a year ago and must be one of the smoothest in the borough.

The same presentation revealed that the road will be widened with cycle tracks by the time the new station opens so why resurface a newly reconstructed road which is likely to be ripped up next year? No wonder the stories of backhanders circulate.

In Wilton Road holes have appeared all over the place. It remains to be seen what they are all about. Exploratory work according to a man with a shovel.

Wilton Road Wilton Road Wilton Road Wilton Road
Starting very soon the public will be asked to choose the design for a sign at the end of Wilton Road. The one in the picture above is only a mock up. There will be voting forms, as if you haven’t had enough of voting, in Occasions, the flower and gift shop, and probably in the Abbey Arms opposite too.

The second picture above is of the almost constant traffic jam that Bexley Council has created by its new road design. The main problem is probably the two pedestrian crossings only 150 metres apart. I took some timings. The pedestrian phase lasts 20 seconds and if the Wait button is pressed again immediately, traffic is only given 20 seconds of green. With two crossings so close together traffic can be halted for two thirds of the time.


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