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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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22 June (Part 1) - Thanks Maxine

Maxine 178I’d just left the Crossrail Liaison Panel meeting and switched my mobile phone back on. It rang almost immediately, a BiB reader was telling me to switch the TV on quickly as Councilor Maxine Fothergill was on. I didn’t think I’d given any readers my mobile number, this one must have been special in some way.

I was home three minutes later and turned on the telly. I lasted ten minutes. Do people really sit and watch the whole of an unruly shouting match? Instead I went upstairs to struggle with the last of yesterday’s blogs with which I was not very happy. I may tell you why later.

When it was done I followed the usual routine and went back downstairs, got myself a drink and switched on the little tablet to see how many people had looked at Bonkers that day.

It said that 192 people were looking at that very moment; 15 might usually be a very good number. Fearing a Bexley Council organised attack on went the desktop PC again so that I could check what was going on. The number had fallen a bit by then but nearly everyone was looking at the first significant Maxine Fothergill blog.

It might have been better if they had looked at the Index because as the saga unfolded it looked more and more likely that Maxine Fothergill was the victim of a Bexley Council stitch up. That might not be the case, clearly Maxine has upset too many people outside the Council, but with Bexley Council going into an unnecessary information lock down and given their track record of constant dishonesty, it seems to be the most reasonable assumption.


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