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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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20 June (Part 3) - Countdown to carnage

Only three more days to go and the really exciting bit of the EU Referendum begins. I’m really looking forward to the political carnage that must follow either a Remain or a Brexit vote.

Meanwhile another of Anna Firth’s videos. Not one of her best, far too much background noise distracts from the message. However if you have a burning desire to see Anna perching on a playground roundabout for 30 seconds, go right ahead.

I’m finding the reasons people give for choosing IN or OUT absolutely jaw dropping. I’ve more or less stopped listening to the rubbish put out by BBC Radio 4 (and the TV has not been on in months) and taken up with LBC. Early this morning (pre-Ferrari) they were pumping yet more garbage into the ether.

Apparently I am expected to believe that a nonentity elevated to the Lords after resigning as an MP following a fit of pique over her own government’s attitude towards Israel has “defected” from the OUT camp over a picture that I first saw in my daily newspaper a year ago and it is still on the BBC News website. But it was OK then because Nigel Farage hadn’t published it.

As a reason to change sides, whichever direction a picture of asylum seekers might take you, it is utterly pathetic. Reports are that the nonentity never declared for OUT anyway. So it's all bullshit put out by Cameron’s desperate Press Office.

Another thing that perplexes me greatly is the widespread assumption that all future Tory governments will take the same view as the present one and that any future Labour one will take a Corbynist view of the world. That has to be nonsense doesn’t it? It cannot be relied upon.

Locally Labour said that leaving the EU will cause employment protection to be lost “irrevocably”. Leaving aside the fact that nearly all of it was in place before Britain joined the EU and the Conservatives have recently extended it beyond what the EU demands, their “irrevocable” comment only makes sense if Britain is forever governed by malign Tories. How long would such a bad government last?

It’s the same nonsense the other way around too. Cameron has a team working on Turkey’s entry to the Euro Club. He has in the past been a keen advocate of that country’s membership, but now he says that there is no prospect of Turkey joining until the year 3,000. But that was last week, now it’s only 30 years, and he will veto it.

We don’t know who will be Prime Minister when Turkey applies for EU membership, except that it certainly won’t be Dodgy Dave. There can be no guarantee that Turkey will be vetoed. What if the P.M. was Sadiq Khan?

The only guarantee of Britain not being in the same club as Turkey without borders between us is to resign membership of that club. If you like the EU you vote IN, but if you don’t like it there is only one permanent guaranteed way of freeing yourself from it. I’m still hearing people saying we want a reformed EU. Where will that come from? Cameron couldn’t negotiate one and nor will anyone else.

Sorry about the video, it’s a bit crap isn’t it?


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