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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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20 June (Part 1) - The Masseys. A little more of the truth emerges

Natasha Briggs came home from walking the dog to find two police officers in her house who told her that Cabinet Member Don Massey had reported her for Harassment because she had asked the police for advice over a noisy party held in the house he rents next door.

On 30th May Natasha wrote a letter of complaint to Bexley’s Borough Commander Jeff Boothe. She has had a response from the Inspector in the Professional Standards Department. The same man as who wrote to me last week. He is sorry that his officers entered “in the way that they did”.

AggressiveIt is revealed that the female officer who was aggressive towards Natasha was the same one who was aggressive towards me.

Somewhat surprisingly, because it is totally different to what Natasha had been told before, the police officers were said to be responding to a complaint about this blog. “The officers were making initial enquires into a published blog on the internet (Bexley Is Bonkers). Complaint had been raised about the content of the blog and it was evident that you had contributed to it. An allegation of harassment had been raised.” Maybe that explains why the police have still not given Natasha a copy of the complaint against her that the Masseys were alleged to have made. There isn’t one.

The Inspector went on to say that “the officers were seeking your account on how the information was on the website”.

The mystery of when Massey reported whatever he is supposed to have reported is solved. Natasha had been told verbally it was on a Sunday but in writing it was Saturday. Massey did both. The matter of him getting privileged access to a closed Police Station is dismissed as “not relevant as they could have equally called 101”. Sounds like total nonsense to me.

Sharon Massey shouting to Natasha that she had wasted police time was because Mrs. Massey had “misinterpreted” what was said to her or “it wasn’t said at all”. More than likely.

Overall I do not regard the Inspector’s letter as anything other than a reasonable attempt to be helpful while under the political pressure of which Bexley Police has complained before. He has offered to meet Natasha. It is a pity that the two officers who called on Natasha were not honest with her. They were not making a noise related investigation at all.

The reply includes a repeat of what was in the Inspector’s letter to me. “The publication of information relating to the Massey’s daughter has been referred to Lawyers who work for the Metropolitan Police Service for their advice due to the complex and sensitive nature of freedom of expression and its limitations in certain circumstances.“ Presumably they will be bright enough to notice that the report came from information published by Victoria Massey herself. How else could I have been sure the party took place? Her Facebook account has gone now. Fortunately I took copies.

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