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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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19 June (Part 3) - Bexley Council, tormenting bus drivers every day

Yellow line Yellow lineThere are places where double yellow lines are essential in order to maintain traffic flow. The need will often be obvious to everyone. However a decision to install a single yellow line can never be quite as clear cut. When should the restrictions be enforced for example, it requires an element of brain power, something for which Bexley Council is not renowned.

At some time within the past year the ninety degree bend where Gayton Road meets Florence Road in Belvedere was remodelled for moderately good reasons and both roads became even narrower. Unfortunately no one was bright enough to consider the consequences.

The ‘outside’ of the bend is adorned with only a single yellow line. Except for ten hours a week it is perfectly legal to park there. Every ten minutes a 244 bus goes by. The scene depicted here is a regular occurrence. The bus cannot get around without either going up the pavement - left of the picture - and this one didn’t, or partake in a reversing manouvre, which is what is happening here. At busy times reversing is not always possible.

I wonder how long that will be allowed to go on for. Don’t hold your breath.

Letter300 yards away a not totally different situation exists on Abbey Road and it has been like it since 2009 and featured here before. It caused a nasty accident in 2011 and sometimes Bexley Council unlawfully tickets cars parked there.

Once upon a time the residents’ parking bays extended to where the double yellow line now is but along came Bexley Council and installed a pedestrian refuge. Nothing wrong with that but once again there was an almost total lack of foresight. The parking bays were redrawn so as not to obstruct the road but no one filled in the gap with double yellow lines.

When commuters park there as they do every weekday, it brings buses to a near standstill. Maybe that is the idea.


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