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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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17 June (Part 1) - Toe the yellow line and bring Bexley to a halt

Web statsIf ever there was proof that over-zealous road traffic control - or in Bexley’s case poorly thought out traffic control - is very unpopular you only have to look at what happened to the BiB web stats when the Upton Road box junction was featured last Sunday. Site visitors shot above the Saturday level - unusual - and on Monday went through the roof. Not of course to the extent they did when lies were made up about John Kerlen and Bexley Council’s friends went ahead and charged him.

They claimed John encouraged Twitter users to post dog faeces through a Councillor’s letter box. He did no such thing and mentioned neither a name nor an address to be targetted.

If I remember correctly about 50,000 visitors learned something of Bexley Council’s dishonesty and spite that day, we probably won’t see the like of that again.

Mustard Barnet Council has created ten Upton Roads and their local blogger, Mr. Mustard, a NotoMob member, has written about it.

His comments are just as relevant to Bexley as to Barnet. Why would a Council which hasn’t got the money to keep libraries under their control be able to spend around £36,000 a junction on paint and camera equipment?

I know that Bexley’s senior councillors are saying it is a road safety measure - I asked the direct question and that was the reply - to which the obvious retort is to ask why it was that the proposal to enforce box junctions with cameras didn’t come from the Transport Committee. The proposal was put forward as a budget measure. Bexley Council really cannot stop lying can it?

All road users should read Mr. Mustard’s blog and look at his video. He says that drivers should proceed as instructed and bring Barnet to a standstill which is exactly what BiB readers were saying to me.

Was annoyed to read about the latest camera con. What needs to be done is motorists observe the road rules to the letter and have complete gridlock from Welling and also outside Danson Park.

Also I hear rumours of council people taking vast cash back handers for contracts to resurface roads that don't need resurfacing and also contractors bidding for contracts having to include bribes to council officials to receive work.

I’ve occasionally heard those rumours too. Obviously no one is going to talk about it so it must remain only an unsubstantiated rumour.


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