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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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15 June (Part 2) - It’s not over until it is over

BridgeRight, let’s get back to something a little more Bexley Council related than Nigel Farage navigating London’s longest borough shoreline - which just happens to be the only one without any form of river crossing.

There has been continuing correspondence with an Inspector at Bexley Police Station about the Massey’s complaint of harassment by this blog. It is possible that it was the one dated 2nd April which sent Cabinet Member Don Massey scurrying off to Sidcup Police Station, but maybe that only relates to accusations levelled at Natasha Briggs.

That initial blog was largely a bringing together of three separate bits of information freely available elsewhere on the web. The fact that the Massey’s business in Bexley failed but they have a new one in Maidstone (Companies House), they have an interest in a flat in Sidcup (Bexley Council’s website) and there was an accompanying account of a party held at that address from Natasha, the next door neighbour, which she confirmed to me with a link to the host’s Facebook page.

That Facebook page was open for public viewing and I downloaded copies of ten images which was far from being the complete set.

On 4th May BiB referred to the Massey case again but confined comment to what I saw as police failures and I went for them quite hard, I probably know too much about police corruption.

My reference to correct police procedure came from what the IPCC told me in 2011.

I illustrated the 4th May blog with one of the aforesaid Facebook pictures and a pun on the Home Secretary’s infamous phrase about the Nasty Party, but because I was not absolutely sure who was portrayed it was blurred beyond recognition except perhaps by the subjects. Another reason was that I did not know their ages. I have since been advised that there was no need to have blurred an image freely available elsewhere on the web and that any copyright considerations would be covered by ‘fair use’.

The Bexley Police Inspector has clearly done his best to be helpful with extensive explanations of various points I raised with him following the complaint by the Massey’s daughter Victoria, who could be one of the blurred figures. The powers available to the police are deeply disturbing but that is not the Inspector’s fault. He has told me the names of the police officers who called on me and threatened arrest but if they were only carrying out orders there is no great justification for publishing them.

So things are going moderately well at the moment, certainly in a civilised fashion, except perhaps for this comment; “We are still awaiting the advice from our Legal Services department in your particular case. Once we have this it will be communicated to you.”


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