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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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14 June (Part 2) - Nigel Farage takes Bexleyheath by storm

The rain just about managed to stay away for Nigel Farage on his open topped bus when he stopped off in Bexleyheath Broadway this afternoon. 70 people were hanging around waiting - yes I counted them - and the moment Nigel arrived the numbers swelled by a factor of three or four.

There wasn’t much of a speech, just some well rehearsed rousing calls to the crowd accompanied by a lot of horn sounding from passing cars and occasionally buses too.

What was notable was that Mr. Farage seemed to be such a nice, patient, good natured chap, signing autographs constantly for everyone. Children who probably didn’t know what it was all about through to old ladies. Everyone seemed to love him.

There were a few people there I recognised, Keith Forster the St. Michael’s UKIP candidate, Ronie Johnson the 2015 General Election candidate for Erith & Thamesmead and several unsuccessful Bexley candidates from 2014.

DogSurprisingly there were no Bexley UKIP Councillors around to greet their leader and naturally none from Labour either.

Elliot Smith the young Tory activist was clearly enjoying the atmosphere and taking selfies with the old campaigner and I spotted one Tory Bexley Councillor in the distance. I won’t say who in case (s)he wasn’t supposed to be there.

There were maybe half a dozen uniformed police officers on hand but they weren’t required, the only hint of ‘trouble’ was four schoolgirls shouting “Vote In”. They weren’t old enough to vote.

The only good decision that Cameron made in this referendum was to keep under 18s away from the ballot box. I heard one of the ignorant four saying they wanted to stay in the EU so that they could have holidays there.

There were plain clothes officers present - I asked - and Nigel had his minders too. You can play ‘Spot the heavy’ when you look at the photos. They are the ones who look like Russian Secret Service Agents.

Elliot Smith cosies up to his new friend Nigel.

More photos.


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