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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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14 June (Part 1) - A fine mess they’ve got themselves into

This should be fun, Natasha Briggs has sent a three page complaint to Bexley Council about her occasional neighbours, Councillors Don and Sharon Massey and already had it acknowledged.

The main theme is that the Masseys abused their position as Councillors and have done things likely to bring Bexley Council into disrepute. Several examples of each are included within the complaint.

I think if I had written it I might have emphasised that reporting Natasha to the police was entirely malicious and without justification. The police log shows they dismissed the allegation of harassment within hours of visiting Mrs. Briggs.

Don SharonThe last time the Code of Conduct Committee met it was to stitch up Councillor Maxine Fothergill. There was no written complaint, the complainant didn’t show up at the meeting and the public were excluded from the proceedings without the Chairman going through the correct procedure. Then they rejected all the FOIs.

It’s going to be different this time. Natasha will make sure everyone knows everything. Maybe I should go over to Sidcup to get a copy of one of her audio recordings of the Masseys stomping up stairs and slamming doors.

It is self-evident that both Don and Sharon Massey have brought Bexley Council into disrepute. If you haven’t seen it yet take a look at the new Home page. The Massey’s decision to report Natasha Briggs to the police was both malicious and stupid. All she had done was follow Bexley Council’s recommendations on what to do about noisy neighbours to the letter.

The Masseys should have known that everything would end up here. Larch Grove was featured on BiB about eleven hours before the Massey’s reported Natasha Briggs to the police. If they don’t read it, their so called friends do and will likely have tipped them off.

Did neither of these Council Leader’s favourites not manage to work out that their dirty laundry was certain to be washed in public? You would have thought that the Council Leader would have appointed someone with more sense to be in charge of the borough’s financial policies.

However don’t run away with the idea that this will be an open and shut case with the Masseys banged to rights. Before Bonkers evolved into a reporter of other people’s battles I put in a formal complaint about Cabinet Member Peter Craske who I had watched lie to, insult and attempt to belittle a resident at a Council meeting. It was easy and not uncommon before the advent of webcasting.

Craske came up with a clever excuse that got him off the hook, but not that clever. The Minutes of the meeting proved him wrong. So I appealed the not guilty verdict.

Councillor Craske simply invented an entirely new excuse. The Standards Board (forerunner of Code of Conduct Committee) accepted it and no further appeals were accepted. Bexley Council is a protection racket.

The Chairman of the Code of Conduct Committee is Councillor Cheryl Bacon, investigated by the police for Misconduct in Public Office and currently with the Crown Prosecution Service.

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