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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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13 June (Part 4) - Brexitheath plays host to the Chief Brexiteer

BrexitIt’s all systems GO for politicians at the moment and one has to admire their stamina. Nigel Farage has been all over the place while the Prime Minister warns of when the next plague of locusts is due. Apparently I won’t get a free TV licence in two years time because Brexit will mean the country can’t afford it. He seems to have forgotten that he passed the responsibility over to the BBC recently. I don’t care, I’ve only watched one TV programme in the past three months.

Tomorrow Mr. Farage will be in Bexleyheath carefully avoiding the marauding school children at the Clock Tower end of the Broadway. He will be by the King’s Head.

Next day he is off to Southend for an early start.

His plan is to be on a fishing boat at 5 a.m. leaving Southend-on-Sea. It’s part of a flotilla heading for Westminster as part of the Brexit publicity campaign.

News reports say he aims to be under Big Ben by midday but when he will pass Erith and Thamesmead I have no idea. It may be a good photo opportunity but I am not going to stand in Riverside Gardens all morning, probably getting very wet, without having some idea of the time.

Perhaps someone could ask the MEP what his timetable is? Bet he doesn’t know. Bet he hasn’t a clue how we will defend the post-Brexit fishing grounds against French and Spanish pirates either. Successive prime ministerial loons have made a pretty good job of sinking the Royal Navy.

Brexit fishing flotilla news.


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