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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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13 June (Part 1) - Yellow Fever

Spy camsWow, I must write about Bexley Council’s attack on motorists more often. More than 3,500 views of yesterday’s Yellow Box blog. (†) Even more than when new speed cameras were installed on various downhill stretches of road.

Not only will the Yellow Box warning have damaged Bexley’s money grabbing ambitions it may have brought in new readers who will have gone on to learn what a corrupt bunch many of Bexley’s Conservatives are.

When Bexley Council adopted their new powers to spy on us, it was obvious that there would be a proliferation of Yellow Boxes with no regard for need but solely to maximise fine revenue.

Here are some of the comments from residents who read about the new Spies in the Sky.

• That box is new. It used to be simply marked, Keep Clear. [Not sure that the change was very recent.]
• If Bexley Council really wanted to improve road safety they would have installed warning signs. [Bexley Council said they would install signs but we all know they lie.]
• It has clearly been designed solely to catch out unwary motorists whilst at the same time creating congestion.
• The box is massively larger than it need be.
• At busy times traffic in the Broadway will be brought to a total standstill for long periods. Queues are generally caused by traffic (including buses on several routes) waiting to turn into Avenue Road.
• If the Council were to do something about the Avenue Road junction like a little extra space to allow straight on traffic to pass on the nearside of right turning traffic then this might achieve something useful.
• There is often a queue of traffic waiting to exit Upton Road. When something manages to turn right into Avenue Road and the queue moves up the space will be immediately taken by someone nipping out of Upton Road and the Broadway queue will just not move at all.
• Bexley’s till will be ringing non stop during busy periods.
• It might be useful to stress to your blog readers that an offence is only committed if they enter a box when the exit is not clear. If the exit is clear when they enter but another vehicle exits a side road to fill the space leaving them stranded in the box then no offence has been committed.

I was asked how I managed to get pictures of an empty Broadway. The answer is 7:30 on a Sunday morning.

There is to be an election in St. Michael’s ward on 30th June. The result cannot seriously dent the Conservative majority in Bexley, the biggest possible change is that it will go from 45:18 to 44:19 but that one seat would give out a significant message.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen and heard Council Leader Teresa O’Neill justify her actions, whether it be disregarding consultation results or making snide comments about the opposition parties, by saying she and her cronies were re-elected in 2014 so whatever she does is fully justified.

If you wish to give her a message it is imperative that Conservative voters take the lead in wiping the smirk off her face. Maybe she will recognise that she is not as clever as she thinks she is.

† More than 5,000 by the end of today.


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