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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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12 June (Part 1) - They are after your money in Bexleyheath

SawyerWhile a new bunch of bankers gets ready to open a new branch in Bexleyheath the other wunch of bankers in Watling Street are opening new piggy banks in Bexley too. The latest is twenty feet up a pole above the yellow box junction in Upton Road.

Their excuse for enforcing ‘moving traffic violations’ is that it will improve road safety. Usually Bexley Council will tell you that slowing traffic down improves road safety but when they are after your money speeding up traffic emerging from side roads improves road safety too.

Cameras at minor junctions like Upton Road are cash cows, pure and simple. The junction sometimes sees a queue because of traffic waiting to turn right into Avenue Road just a few yards to the west. (Top left corner of Photo 2 below.) There are no cameras there. The likely logic is that if the Avenue Road junction ran freely there would be no tail back to Upton Road and the opportunity for revenue raising might disappear. Much more profitable to prolong one jam in the hope it will block the adjacent monitored junction.

The fact that the Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transport has several times been heard in Council complaining that motorists are unfairly targeted as cash cows must surely make him one of the borough’s biggest hypocrites.

Metro Bank Box junction Box junction Cameras
Be very careful when driving through Bexleyheath, or better still, take your business elsewhere.


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