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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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11 June (Part 2) - Just what do they think they are playing at?

The road closures at St. Augustine’s Road and the consequent diversions have not been as bad as feared, none during the day so far. However the end product is beyond belief stupid. Well up to the standards we have come to expect from the Bashfords, Nevards, Zebs and Reys of Bexley Council who have together done so much damage to the borough’s road system.

To supposedly improve a road where there was a tendency for fast moving traffic to meet, each slightly on the wrong side of the road because it is too narrow, three Keep Left islands have been placed in the middle of the road. It may reduce the likelihood of traffic meeting head on but it is doubtful that the islands will survive very long.
St. Augustine's
Take note in the picture above how a new bus stop has been built out into the road almost opposite a new traffic island and how the pavement on the extreme right of the picture has also been built out into the road. The bus stop marking behind the yellow sign is a remnant from the old layout and will go.

Below is the new eastbound bus stop almost opposite the new island. Imagine what will happen when a bus stops there. It could easily be two buses.
St. Augustine's
Further to the east - left on the photo immediately above - there is another cleverly positioned island; right next to some residents’ parking bays. (Photo 1 below)

The new westbound bus stop is shown in Photo 3 below. When a bus stops there and someone overtakes it yet another Keep Left island will catch them unawares. It cannot be seen on approach when a bus is at the stop.
St. Augustine's St. Augustine's St. Augustine's St. Augustine's
And if you think that is the extent of the madness, think again. If you’ve come down Heron Hill into St. Augustine’s Road and turn left at the church (top photos) the sticking out footpath ensures you end up on the wrong side of the road.

Traffic levels on the the road have been increasing recently because Harrow Manorway is so often blocked. Being stopped twice on the flyover is now almost the norm. My record is being brought to a standstill four times in just a couple of hundred yards.

Bexley Council’s road planning is absolutely crazy, or as Councillor John Davey, Vice Chairman of the Transport Committee at the time, told me in 2009, it’s Bonkers.


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