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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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10 June (Part 2) - I wouldn’t put it past the blighters

If you were wondering where Part 2 went… (it’s currently not quite five o’clock on the morning of Saturday 11th.)

It was based on the story of another reader who fell foul of Bexley Council and got a call from the police. I felt it necessary to take out identifying features to the extent I began to wonder whether it made sense. After spending rather too much time on the blog I asked Bexley Council’s victim what she thought of the draft. She was obviously scared stiff that Bexley Council would attack her again and was no longer sure she wanted to take that risk. I was promised a call back and it never came, so this is all that is left of what is now yesterday’s intended blog. My introduction and a few closing words.

It’s not the first time that I have found a vulnerable resident terrified of the power wielded by our corrupt Council.

TweetMy current decision to go easy on Bexley Police over the most recent instance of them appearing to do political favours has not gone down well with everybody. See Twitter response alongside.

The thinking is that if Bexley police can be persuaded that protecting Bexley Council; lying on their behalf when requested, and assisting their attempts to suppress transparency is counter-productive, it would be a better long term strategy than making complaints about individual officers.

At Portcullis House a couple of months ago the DPS spoke of the possibility of a former Bexley officer “having the book thrown at him”. Perverting justice to please Bexley Council is serious and must stop. Reacting to every tantrum thrown by a pair of silly Councillors is just not on.

In the most recent case the police log records that Sharon Massey accused her neighbour of wasting police time by seeking noise advice but it also concludes that the neighbour had not harassed her, so who actually wasted the police’s time? Not much maybe, the Peter Craske case has wasted more than four years of police time!

Another reader questions the strategy, she says that you don’t have to go public with an argument with Bexley Council to have the police at your door.

I was living in a flat above a shop on the edge of the [redacted] shopping centre and I fell out with Bexley Council. I had made a complaint [details redacted] and I was convinced that the response was a lie. I challenged the response and it was answered with signed documents that completely undermined my case. I knew beyond all doubt that those documents were false, but what can one do? I just made sure they knew I thought they were liars and left it at that. I didn’t know about Bexley is Bonkers at the time.

A few days later two police officers knocked on my door with I think a third in a car parked nearby. They said I was accused of child neglect. The female officer did all the talking and the threatening and spoke unusually loudly. I was very frightened and could barely think straight. I was angry at her indiscretion and asked her to keep her voice down, everyone on the street could hear what was being said. The WPC didn't care and didn't apologise.

I asked who reported me for but they wouldn’t say anything beyond that I’d left my daughter playing in the road for nearly an hour unsupervised. That’s impossible, it was a busy road, buses and everything. They said I had been washing down my front door, it was always grimy facing a busy road, and my daughter was unrestrained. Then there was a clue, one of the officers glanced up at the nearby CCTV camera. I had wondered why it was so often pointing at my door.

I was so frightened that I was shaking when they left.

I went to the police station about it but they wouldn’t tell me anything at all. I half expected them to say they knew who reported me but couldn’t tell me, instead they said there was nothing on file at all. Every time I read on your blog that the police have been helping Bexley Council I can’t help wondering if it was Bexley Council who took revenge on me.

Fortunately nothing came of the threat to report me to Social Services.

A rather long email has been very heavily edited retaining only the basics because I felt that the unexpurgated version could identify the writer to Bexley Council. It came with some supporting evidence attached. I couldn’t help but notice that the writer had fallen out with a senior member of the Council team that ran the CCTV system at the time. The victim was mortified when I told her that.


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