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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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8 June (Part 2) - One small step at a time, the Tories are closing Bexley down

Erith Town HallRoad cleaning reduced, recycling centres go part time, litter collections slashed, free garden waste collection cancelled, dog fouling warden sacked, public toilets sold, no more roadside trees, Sidcup Manor House closed, Danson Park Festival gone, four parks up for sale, Nature Reserves for the chop, Splash Park drained, street lights turned off, grass verges uncut, fallen leaves unswept, roadside weeds not sprayed, parking restrictions to go 24/7, Erith fire station loses an engine (a Bexley Councillor voted it through the GLA) . Is there ever going to be an end to it?

Well no. Erith Town Hall has just gone part time too. “Closed every Wednesday from 6 June.” Peculiar way of putting it, the 6th was a Monday, but all you need to know is that the front desk has shut.

Bridge Bexley Council is being starved of money by the Conservative Government and instead of planning for it they took up ostrich poses to block the flow of money into the borough.

Nothing sums up the stupidity of these two twerps (Council Leader Teresa O’Neill and - at the time - Cabinet Member Gareth Bacon) better than the Bexley Council publicity shot of them standing at the top of Knee Hill preferring to impoverish us all rather than get down to serious traffic management.

It’s a bit late now the chickens are coming home to roost - fast! But continued Conservative arrogance is plain for all who go to Council meetings to see. They need to be opposed. If you have a vote in St. Michael’s give them an opposition. Hold your nose and look the other way if you have to but vote for one of the two parties that have any chance at all of standing in the way of Bexley’s discredited Conservative Council.

I did it - a long time Conservative voter - in 2014 and Welling residents should do it on the 30th June.

Here’s the Labour leaflet. I asked UKIP for theirs but they seem to be a bit slow off the mark. One day they will be a big and resourceful party too.

Labour Labour


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