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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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6 June (Part 3) - No one likes us, we don’t care. Make them

StreetlifeBexley Council is getting to be increasingly unpopular which, if BiB has anything to do with it, makes all the time taken up by the blog worthwhile.

Listening to you, working for you is so far removed from the truth as to be risible. Even the Councillor who invented the slogan has her doubts about it.

On Streetlife a comment made less than 24 hours ago has provoked more than two dozen replies. None complimentary.

The subject is the state of parks, green spaces and verges. Certainly there is a partly self-inflicted financial crisis in Bexley but one cannot have any sympathy with a bunch of self-serving abusers of the public who only a few weeks ago voted to keep their allowances high rather than reduce them and spend the saving on better public services.

If you have a vote in St. Michael’s on the 30th, UKIP or Labour is the only sensible choice.



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