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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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6 June (Part 1) - Bexleyheath set to be a ghost town run by ghouls

SawyerCabinet Member for Traffic and Transport, Alex Sawyer, is fond of saying that motorists are very often used as a cash cow which I naively believed meant he was against it. I should have known better. He was not in favour of closing the Belvedere Splash Park and he was not keen on selling Old Farm Park when he was the responsible Cabinet Member but he went ahead and voted against the wishes of the public anyway. Why should we be surprised that parking charges go up by 10% today, on top of last year’s up to 50% rise, now that he is looking after traffic matters?

Maybe Councillor Sawyer would argue that parking charges were not his business when the increases were approved but he won’t be able to use that excuse when the next attack on motorists takes effect. Not that it is just an attack on motorists, the plan is to attack businesses too, in particular the so called night time economy of Bexleyheath.

Bexley Council wants to extend parking restrictions to Sunday and to midnight every day of the week.

They are already blaming residents for their proposal but we all know the real reason. Bexley Conservatives have run the borough’s economy into the ground and desperately need the money to avoid going broke. There is to be a consultation but when has that ever changed anything in Bexley? Never.

I don’t think I can do better than a Bexleyheath resident in further criticism of the draconian proposals.

As a resident of **** Road I have received a letter from a Stephen Bates of Bexley Council Traffic Services inviting my views on a proposal to extend the effective hours of the Bexleyheath Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone to include Sundays and evenings even up to midnight. This is claimed to be in response to complaints from local residents and businesses about difficulties being caused by increased levels of on street parking on Sundays and evenings.

What a load of bunkum. The only reason Bexley would like to introduce it would be the extra pound notes they think they could squeeze from the motorist cash cow. They see the extra cars on late night shopping nights and Sundays and want to get their greedy hands on possible extra revenue.

They could though be in for a nasty shock if the Sunday and late night shoppers just boycotted Bexleyheath and keep going a few more miles to Bluewater with free parking and a larger range of shops.

The Council letter refers to complaints from businesses but I would have thought that businesses were more likely to lose trade if this proposal was introduced.

I will of course send in my views to the Council not that I expect they will make the slightest difference to what the the Council elite will have already decided will be the outcome of this public consultation.

On a purely selfish level it would not make any difference at all to me personally since I have a driveway on which I can park my car and am within walking distance of the Bexleyheath shops. The extra parked cars outside my house on a Sunday or late night shopping nights do not cause me any problems.

Thinking back though to when I worked early Monday to late Friday and my wife worked most Saturdays the only times we could go shopping together for larger household purchases was Sundays or late shopping nights.

For the many people in similar circumstances I would not like to see their lives made more difficult by money grubbing Bexley Council.

I am surprised that I had not heard anything about this proposal from your blog or is this perhaps something the inner sanctum of councillors is trying to push through on the QT without it being discussed at any council meeting?

No, there’s been nothing in Council about that but it’s not just shoppers and restaurant goers who will suffer from the consequences of Bexley Council’s financial ineptitude but anyone who invites friends round during the evening or at the weekend. They will need a visitor’s permit.

And what about those of us who go to Council meetings to try to keep tabs on the bastards? I used to go by bus but it puts an hour or more extra on the time taken out of life and these days I carry two cameras with big lenses and a sound recorder.

If the only time you can park on a single yellow is to be midnight till eight in the morning, why not make them all double yellows and be done with it?

How long before their insatiable greed spreads to other areas?

O'Neill Bailey Craske Read Massey

The evil heart of Bexley Council.


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