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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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5 June - The weekend waffle - again

I was saying to friends on Friday evening that I felt a great responsibility writing this blog, I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to expose Bexley Council’s lies back in 2009. I had no idea back then that they do little but lie and all too often they have little option because they must cover their law breaking.

I feel a great responsibility too when a message like this arrives overnight - as it did today. “Keep up the good work, you are the reason I log on each morning.”

Imagine how it feels when there is nothing worth reporting. What can I say? A great deal of Bexley’s website is still down. I do hope they are not going to continue to hold public meetings this week without publishing the Agendas because that would be illegal too.

It is frightening that Bexley Council is planning on making all its services web based. Newham Council made that mistake and currently causing me umpteen problems. But that may be a story for another day.

After two weeks of steering well clear of Bexleyheath police station I have still not been arrested. Cory Environmental are still intent on killing off Bexley’s last remaining skylarks.

TweetThere is to be a by-election in Welling and both Labour and Conservative parties are claiming to be winning converts. I think the UKIP people are too busy earning a living and saving the country from the madhouse which is the European Union to spare a lot of time for canvassing.

If you believe in democracy do not vote Conservative, even if like me that is your natural inclination.

There are too many Tories on Bexley Council, 45 out of 63, and they abuse their position relentlessly.

Except in the rarest of circumstances they always vote as one. They lie and unnecessarily ridicule the opposition. They are in a word, corrupt and this website has chronicled their corrupt practices for the past six years.

Their only response has been to make up stories and ask their military wing to threaten my arrest if I continue. Unlike stories by Bexley’s Tories nothing has been made up on BiB which so far at least has proved to be a safe policy.

The Conservative candidate Ray Sams was a Bexley Councillor until 2014. Except for his time as Mayor he was not much mentioned on BiB. Generally mute, not putting his head above the parapet, nothing but voting fodder for Leader Teresa O’Neill. She doesn’t need another hand to go up whenever she barks a command. Show your contempt for that dictator by voting for someone else.

Do not on any account add to The Conservatives’ power base in Bexley, it can only harm local democracy.

Crossrail CrossrailI have long planned to ‘release’ the next set of pictures today documenting preparations (from late March) for laying the Crossrail track east of Abbey Wood station. I had guessed that by early June we might see the scene transformed from a strip of mud to a railway line.

It’s not happened but this weekend represents a milestone of sorts. The first set of points has been installed.

Harrow Manorway was back to normal by lunchtime today, its bus shelter gone. Network Rail does not hang around.

In nearby Lesnes Abbey where Bexley Council is doing the project management, almost nothing has happened. No surprise there then.


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