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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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2 June - Another rushed job. The blog that is

Wilton RoadI really shouldn’t have agreed to act as Secretary to the Abbey Wood Traders’ Association; it has taken at least five hours to write their minutes. A small benefit is that their meetings occasionally provide access to information I might not otherwise come across but on the other hand it would not always be right to reveal it. Like the sky high prices that certain well known buildings have gone for recently. And they used to say Abbey Wood is cheap.

Probably the picture of what the proposed sign at the entrance to Wilton Road might look like is not too big a secret.

Greenwich Council is going to spend £250,000 on tarting up both sides of the road, that’s why it has paint daubed all over it at the moment, but the plans are still fluid.

A start date could be anything from six months away to more than a year. Presumably Bexley Council will continue to let the litter accumulate because it chose higher Councillor Allowances over more frequent street cleaning.

Trees are a likely addition to the scene. Gayton and Felixstowe Roads won’t be improved until the Spring of 2018.

Complaint against Bexley police
My contact at the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards reminded me that a complaint to the IPCC might sit in their Intray for a year but will eventually finish up with the DPS. The DPS will judge whether Bexley police are guilty of Misconduct or Gross Misconduct. If the former they will be asked to investigate themselves and if the latter the DPS will take on the job.

I think the best course is to sit and wait and see if given enough rope they will hang themselves - or keep their heads down.

The lady in Sidcup who the Masseys accused of harassment is planning a nice little surprise for our beloved Cabinet Member. There may not be much of interest going on in Bexley at the moment but the future looks rather brighter.

At least I think there is nothing interesting going on in Bexley Council, can’t be sure because their democracy website is still down. Silly name for a Bexley Council sub-domain really. I hope they aren't holding meetings without pubishing Agendas, that might be every bit as naughty as holding Code of Conduct Committee meetings without a written complaint to legitimise it.

Michael Barnbrook
Election expensesMick was feeling rather pleased with himself last night. He is the complainant against the Tories alleged overspending of election expenses.

With the help of Michael Crick of Channel 4 News who he has met several times, even home visits, he has forced three police forces to seek extensions from the Courts to continue their investigations into the Conservatives’ disregard for the law.

A trait that appears to be fast becoming their norm, especially in Bexley.

The right wing press seems to be somewhat reluctant to report the news. Click the image for The Guardian’s report.

If Mick’s complaint succeeds, Nigel Farage might have to thank a man he refused to let join his party. Politics is a weird business.


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