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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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1 June (Part 2) - Penny wise, pound foolish

DownI’m not sure for exactly how long it has been broken but the democracy half of Bexley Council’s website has been down since Saturday at least. In particular there is no access to the calendar of meetings and the Agendas that go with them.

In turn this means that Bexley must cancel all its public meetings this week and through to next Wednesday at least. From memory I don’t think there are many but if they go ahead with them it will be an offence under the Local Government Act. Agendas for public meetings must be made available seven days before the event.

I won’t be complaining but I know a man who probably will.

I could look up the council’s statement on how they would save a lot of money and get a better service if they swapped IT contractor, but I can’t. Their website is down.


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