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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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29 July (Part 1) - Oh dear! This looks nasty

Low payAccording to the Office of National Statistics Bexley not only has one of the lowest rates of average pay in the country but those levels have fallen faster than anywhere else. The UK average is a 6% pay rise in five years but in Bexley average pay fell from £27,535 to £25,792.

I wonder why.

Maybe it has something to do with the Leader of Bexley Council being so keen on preserving the borough as a sleepy little backwater. ‘Don't let the bridge back in.’ Yeah right! What an idiotic ambition!

Or perhaps all those Ocado, Asda and Tesco warehouse distribution centre jobs that Cabinet Member Linda Bailey is so proud of do not pay very well.

Click image for BBC report.


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