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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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28 July - Two places featuring old walls are rejuvenated

There are free activities for everyone this weekend. If you live in the south of the borough you can see how Councillor Rob Leitch, now Deputy Council Leader, overcame Bexley Council’s neglect and restored Sidcup’s Walled Garden with the aid of volunteer workers and sponsorship money.

In the North where the Lesnes Abbey park regeneration was supposed to have been completed a couple of months ago, the ‘Fun Day’ is going ahead anyway. It’s to be held in the recreation ground which probably is just about complete, I have not had the time to look.
Walled Garden Lesnes
Note : Not much of a blog while Council meetings are still unreported but I have been compelled to spend far too much time the other side of the river leaving little left for Bexley matters - not to mention it is exhausting! There is little chance of getting back to normal before next Tuesday.


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