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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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24 July (Part 2) - Stagnation v Coordination

LesnesThe fortnightly comparisons between progress on the Lesnes Abbey regeneration and Crossrail activities around Abbey Wood station are in danger of becoming pointless. Nothing much has happened at Lesnes since the landscape contractor went broke whilst Crossrail construction powers on.

Bexley Council cannot be held responsible for the company liquidation but the general neglect is more difficult to explain. Why has the area around the Mulberry tree which used to be bark covered been allowed to become a weed bed? The cuts presumably.

There is to be a park event next Saturday, a Family Fun Day (Click to enlarge Photo 1) aimed at parents and young children. Please be aware that there are no public toilets; well there is a Men only facility a quarter of a mile away (across the borough boundary) by the Abbey Wood Post Office but I wouldn’t recommend anyone goes there. Not without wearing Wellington boots anyway.

As you might expect, the Crossrail project marches on relentlessly. The asphalt is going down on the new Platform 2, the canopy is done and the lighting, CCTV and public address system is going in.

Over this weekend the Harrow Manorway flyover wall has been torn down to allow access to the station podium which has been extended with more concrete beams and slabs and provided with a working platform to facilitate installation of the main station roof. At the other end of the platform the lump of concrete dumped there several months ago is growing into a support for the second footbridge. By August 20th everything should be ready for the first North Kent train and the real Crossrail work will commence.

Let’s hope that Network Rail remembers that the North Kent platform could do with a few seats. None there at all at the moment.
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