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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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17 July (Part 1) - Excuses, excuses

It goes without saying that Bexley Council doesn’t like criticism and bad publicity and to counter it they have two weapons. Reporting critics to the police is their preference but occasionally they resort to the internet and social media.

In the past five years the Council has on eight occasions put an entry on a web page with the title ‘Setting the record straight’ (STRS) on which they pick on organisations, newspapers etc. which have caused the Council embarrassment for which they believe there might be a defence.

Bexley is Bonkers has never been featured for a wrong report despite a Councillor telling me last month that a third of BiB reports are incorrect and half of what remains is conspiracy theory. He ducked the invitation to find 23 ill-founded reports from June’s 70 blogs.

The latest organisation to earn Bexley’s accolade of a page on STRS is the Danson Youth Centre which has had its grant withdrawn.

Bexley’s STRS page confirms that is the case so I am not very sure what they are bleating on about. They additionally put the boot in by claiming that Bexley Council is responsible for the Trust's healthy financial position and not parents.

The Council appears to think it is a completely acceptable excuse that the Youth Centre is a “unique” organisation in that it still gets support and that phasing it out rather than cutting immediately makes it alright.

Is that any reason why the Youth Centre should just stand back and take it on the chin? Ultimately their protest will all come to nothing. Bexley Council listens to no one.

Meanwhile there is a petition to sign. Maximise Bexley Council’s embarrassment. It’s their fault they failed to foresee that hard times were coming.

News Shopper report.


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