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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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15 July (Part 1) - Councillor Craske is crazy. The proof

Mobile RubbishIf I should pass by a heap of rubbish and ignore it and Councillor Danny Hackett walks by later I am liable to get a stroppy text message from him, so on Wednesday I told him about another pile of black sacks in Gayton Road next to Abbey Wood station. I took a picture which you can see here.

Maybe Danny’s ward is unique but few would doubt that it has seen a big increase in fly tipping over the past year or two. At last night’s Places Scrutiny meeting the Deputy Director of Public Realm, David Bryce-Smith denied that things were getting worse and various questions were asked.

Councillor Hackett (Labour, Lesnes Abbey) invited the Deputy Director to walk around his ward where the fly tipping was “atrocious and it’s got a lot worse in the last six months. It’s disastrous”.

The rubbish Cabinet Member, Peter Craske, said that the flytipping epidemic “was not caused by Council cuts or Brexit but was the fault of fly tippers”. He invited the Labour members to condemn them which of course they did, rather loudly. In the second of the two audio clips below you can just hear Councillor Hackett’s voice rising above the general din saying “yes”. (17 seconds in.)

Later on (the third audio clip), while talking about the garden waste service and bin sign ups, Craske decided, quite unnecessarily to anyone not mentally deficient, that he would refer to Labour members as “friends of fly tippers”.

Craske as we know likes goading people on social media, he was arrested for it in 2012, but this time he was relatively restrained and fell back on his normal modus operandi, he lied.

TweetWithin a few minutes of the meeting ending Bexley Conservatives put out a Tweet. It was a total lie as Tory Tweets often are in Bexley. The audio clips below prove them liars.

Bexley Tories have form for this sort of thing. When Councillor Seán Newman (Labour, Belvedere) correctly lamented the fact that Barnehurst railway station was quite a lot closer to the Civic Offices than Bexleyheath, the Tories lied on their website that Seán was so ignorant that he didn’t know there was a railway station in Bexleyheath. Craske was responsible for that too.

Even if you didn’t hear what Seán said you’d have to be totally stupid to believe he was unaware of what station was where.

Bexley Tories. “We lie, it’s what we do best.”

Cllr. Hackett: Flytipping is atrocious. I report it daily. It’s a disaster.

Clown Craske: Flytipping, are you going to condemn it or not? "Yes".

Clown Craske: Accuses Labour members of preferring flytipping to recycling.

More lies © Peter Craske.


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