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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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14 July - The peasants are revolting

Everywhere you look in Bexley you can find people who are unhappy with their Council. School transport is to be cut again and this time it’s children with Special Educational Needs who are in the Council’s sights. They are to be consulted but if that makes a scrap of difference it will be a first.

Wardens in care homes are also under fire. I thought Bexley had already forced them out by imposing conditions that led to their pay being cut massively, but some must have survived because 16 more are on their way out.

RegistrarAlso on its way out is the Registrar’s Office in Sidcup. Danson House has lost its grant and closed so the Registrar can move there and Sidcup House can be sold off.

DansonPetitions are becoming more popular, not that any have so far had an impact in Bexley. Since the Council refused to accept a 2,219 signature petition to cut senior salaries in 2011, every petition organiser has seen his or her hopes dashed. Those aiming to get Bexley Council to do something about unregulated HMOs have tried their luck with a petition. 3,000 signatures so far.

Also under attack from cuts is the Danson Youth Trust. It’s a charity which has been working for the borough for 62 years and already been stripped of most of its Bexley contracts. Now there is only one left and all the funding for youth services has gone. It too is hoping a petition will carry some weight. (2,500 signatures in six days.) They have a Facebook page too.

The very fabric of the borough is being unpicked stitch by stitch.


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