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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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12 July (Part 2) - Bexley Council bows to the inevitable and accepts that Crossrail cannot be stopped

It wasn’t at all surprising to see that the patch of ground in Gayton Road, Abbey Wood wasn’t going to be sold after all. Why it was ever on the list is a mystery and probably one can only go back to basics and assume that Bexley Council really is bonkers.

That small area which has been empty since a couple of houses were knocked down to make way for the Harrow Manorway flyover forty years ago is earmarked for £6 million of public realm improvement in connection with the Crossrail project.

Recently it has become notorious for constant flytipping and being the back entrance to the Wilton Road brothel.

It has to be coincidence but today Bexley Council was making preparations to remove two Gayton Road trees which it had neglected for so long that they had grown around what was originally protective ironwork.

A ‘secret’ camera has been installed to overlook the site which may help identify the rubbish dumpers. Local traders will be saying ‘and about time too’.

As has been noted here before the tree roots have become a considerable trip hazard and today the whole area has been surrounded by plastic barriers. They will not please shopkeepers who will presumably suffer from Crossrail vehicles displaced from their favourite parking place.

Rush hour commuter crowds won’t be happy either at being forced to walk in the road but the litigious won’t be able to sue the Council for tripping any more.

Gayton Road Gayton Road Gayton Road Gayton Road
On rainy days it will be even more difficult to get into Abbey Wood station.


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