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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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11 July (Part 1) - The really nasty party

An email came in last night containing information about the Conservative Spokesman for Erith & Thamesmead and Sevenoaks Councillor Anna Firth…

Hi Malcolm,
You’ll be interested to hear that the wretched Anna Firth of Sevenoaks pretending to be of Erith has been unceremoniously thrown off the Tory candidate list.

It has been said she received unfavourable references from David Evennett and from the Tory Association. With some accusing her of disobeying Tory HQ by not campaigning in target seats.

Can she really carry on calling herself Tory spokesman any more?

She ain’t going anywhere near Parliament any time soon.

Actually that is old news but now that it appears to be circulating a little more widely maybe it is time to say something about it.

Anna Firth was a founder member of Women for Britain which campaigned for the country to leave the EU where, according to Prime Minister David Cameron only a few months ago, it will thrive.
Several leading Conservative politicians campaigned for the same thing while the most disappointing Prime Minister of my lifetime changed his tune. Around a month ago I was told, and Anna Firth confirmed it, that Cameron and/or his equally nasty colleagues had taken revenge on Anna by removing her from the list of approved Parliamentary candidates.

It was that childlike act of spite that persuaded me to push the pro-Brexit cause on BiB a major feature of which was to include Anna’s short videos. Anna didn’t want Cameron’s appalling attack on free speech to be widely known while she argued for reinstatement, however I could not resist a subtle tease along with the videos.

• Anna is the founder of a group called Women for Britain which is stridently anti-EU and been making a noise all over the place. She ran an excellent General Election campaign in 2015 and lost badly. Even if history repeats itself she won’t be the most popular of ladies in No. 10.
• The way she is going she will be flung out of DC’s nasty party.

Maybe it was too subtle, nobody commented.

The nastiness of the Conservatives at the highest level can surely not be in doubt, especially after the past weekend. It’s almost enough to persuade me to join UKIP.

For the record, I cannot confirm whether or not the MP for Bexleyheath & Crayford is party to this disgraceful attack on democracy.


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