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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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7 July (Part 1) - Bee is for Bankrupt Bexley

BeeOn April 1st I joined fifty plus wildlife enthusiasts at the Crossness Nature Reserve which is under threat by a Planning Application for a data centre to be built there. Given Bexley Council’s lack of interest in the preservation of green spaces I feared the worst. Sure enough, the application was recommended for acceptance.

The Nature Reserve is home to many rare species. The Bumble Bee shown here is the rarest in the country and photographed on the Reserve just a week ago.

The planning application is to be discussed at this evening’s planning meeting. I don’t usually go to planning meetings but I am going to make an exception for this one. If nothing else the faces of those Councillors who vote for further destruction of our green spaces deserve to be shown here.

The conservationists say that the applicant’s survey on breeding birds was carried out before the breeding season was fully underway and it claims that as the rare species under threat are few in number, they are not worth preserving. What sort of logic is that? There are only three sites in Bexley supporting breeding skylarks. Two have current planning applications aimed at their destruction.

More detail of the objections may be found on the Bexley Wildlife website and there is a petition too.


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