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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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5 July - Another broken promise

Abbey RoadI doubt I could claim to be unique by saying there are three road marking idiocies within five minutes walk of my house. Actually there are more, some occur several times over.

There is the deliberate trap in Abbey Road with four parking ticket machines and associated signs saying absolutely nothing about the fact that the £4·20 tickets are valid only in certain bays which are not clearly marked and the boundaries are sometimes totally obscured by parked vehicles. That will never be fixed because it is too good a money spinner.

There are the bus stops adjacent to traffic islands which bring traffic to a standstill whenever a bus is picking up passengers. That will never be fixed either because few, or more probably no one, in the road planning department have any common sense. A new example was installed at the St. Augustine’s junction only a few weeks ago.

And finally there is the parking space which Bexley Council forgot when it wrecked the layout of Abbey Road in 2009. It had promised residents during the consultation which says “no overall loss in parking space”. The promise was kept but one bay has been a serious hazard and the cause of two accidents that I know of because our idiot Council built another traffic island next to it. (The other one.)

It was mentioned here again for the umpteenth time only a couple of weeks ago.

This morning the hazard was being removed. Not very intelligently as the photo shows but just for once breaking a promise to residents may have some justification.


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