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Bonkers Blog July 2016

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3 July - Tempers are running high

If too much time is spent following Twitter comments it’s very easy to wrongly assume everyone else must be doing the same and there can be no point in repeating things here. But not all BiB readers Twitter and someone who isn’t an addict is the lady who runs BiB’s Facebook account. Over the weekend following the EU referendum she sent me some rather shocking images she’d seen her ‘friends’ post on FB. The message was “asylum seekers are going back” and was definitely hateful. I refrain from showing it here only because it might identify my FB administrator.

Protest It was possible that BiB’s FB lady may have thought that all the hatred was coming from the Brexiteers so I started to keep a tally of outrageous comments by Remainers. The number of people who said they planned on shooting Nigel Farage soon ran into double figures, augmented by those planning on raping his daughter. Where do these morons come from? Will the police be taking action?

Among other comments noted and directed at those who voted OUT were that they were Nazis, facists, traitors, lemmings, bigots, racists crawling out of the sewer, zealots and evil f**kers. Further down the hate scale was Dad’s Army still fighting WW2, criminally irresponsible, dumb and Little Englander. And all of those came from the same Twitter account! The hatred was far from being one sided.

The bad tempered spats extended into Bexley Council too.

May MayBexley’s newly elected Deputy Leader retweeted, i.e. endorsed, a Tweet (see below) which purported to come from Home Secretary and REMAIN campaigner Theresa May. It said “Please join my campaign & let’s rebuild a country that works for everyone who was born here”. Another really nasty message. Unfortunately for Councillor Rob Leitch the Tweet he was endorsing was from a spoof account, nothing to do with the real Theresa May. I suspect Rob didn’t read it properly, nevertheless it set off an interesting train of events.

From time to time I am sent information which cannot be published because there is no corroboration, among them is the allegation that senior Conservative Councillors in Bexley refer to Labour Councillors as c**ts. These are the same people who had a resident prosecuted for using the same word on Twitter.

However thanks to yesterday’s Twitter spat a reliable source confirms that the C allegation which I felt unable to publish was true.

Tweet Tweet

The false Tweet and the Twitter spat. Click to see more.
(It wasn’t c*nt or dickhead, it was both.)

It’s a pity more voters don’t know what Conservative Councillors get up to, the St. Michael’s result may have been different.


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