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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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24 January (Part 4) - Child theft. Bexley Council doesn’t like the publicity

Bexley Council insiders reported that my New Year’s Eve gift to Bexley Council was not well received. They didn’t like the child snatching video that a reader spotted within hours of it being posted by Christian Voice being made more easily available to Bexley residents.

The fact that the Council has since confirmed that it is extremely annoyed about it presents a very good reason to feature it again.

I know they are annoyed because Bexley Council has complained to the publisher about it. This is very encouraging because it used to be the case that if I republished something I had seen on another website they reported me to the police and the real author heard absolutely nothing about it.

Christian Voice however has been on the receiving end of threats from Bexley Council and I am feeling left out.

Jackie Tiotto the Director of Children’s Services recruited from OFSTED for her inside knowledge that might improve Bexley’s ratings has told Christian Voice to take their video down.

The arrogance of it. Two Bexley parents are not allowed to give their account of the situation but Bexley Council can!

According to Christian Voice’s Facebook page the Bexley video is their third most popular - but not with Jackie Tiotto.

Stephen Green had this to say…
Stephen is absolutely right. Families right across Bexley are being wrecked by Bexley Council under Jackie Tiotto. Maybe I should offer to host the video on Bonkers. Unjustified child stealing by councils has gone well beyond what is reasonable.

Have you noticed that Bexley Council is pretty much run by women these days?
From left to right they are:

• Jane Richardson who appears to be incapable of getting F.M. Conway to keep to their schedules but speaks well.
• Toni Ainge who has a problem with Google searches and statistics - maybe because her annual appraisals were done by her husband until last year.
• Moira Pickering who turns a blind eye to the incompetence and favourtism displayed by certain head teachers I had better not name.
• Jackie Tiotto who is not just a Teresa O’Neill OBE (Only Biddies Employed) look alike but shows every sign of having the same, ‘I’m above the law’ attitude as the Fat Controller.
• Finance Director Alison Griffin who, if you can forgive the fact that she has the job of head slasher, has never put a foot wrong. And she smiles sweetly. Maybe that is how she keeps out of trouble.

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