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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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21 January (Part 1) - Not a red light in sight

No lightsThe News Shopper’s letter page is frequently a rich source of ignorance and misinformation and yesterday’s edition did not disappoint. I suspect letters are chosen for their ability to stir things up a bit, something that would never happen on BiB obviously.

Doris Dean’s email does not actually blame Bexley Council for there being no Christmas lights in Northumberland Heath last month but its reference to “Bexleyheath again” implies it.

As is often the case, Ms. Dean would not have been ignorant of the facts if she had been a Bonkers reader. There were no lights in Northumberland Heath because community leaders did not bother to claim the money on offer from Bexley Council.

It was all reported here six weeks ago.

Neither the Town Forum nor the three ward councillors responded to the offer made a total of three times.

If their website is any guide the Northumberland Heath Forum is dead, its next event is the AGM in March 2015 - not a BiB typo.

I understand the three Conservative ward councillors are not dead but there is no compulsion to vote for them next time around.

The ward councillors are Philip Read, Peter Reader and Melvin Seymour all of whom had large majorities at the last election.


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