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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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19 January (Part 4) - Not many hands to the pump as yet

FireNearly three years ago Mayor Johnson was softening us up for the closure of fire stations.

There were fewer fires because of improved furniture safety standards and a reduction in smoking so it was argued that fewer fire stations were needed. The plan conceded that response times would be increased and unlike most of Boris Johnson’s plans this one was a rip-roaring success; response times have been successfully increased.

AbenaNow he is back for a second bite of the cherry, he wants to reduce the number of appliances in order to worsen the response times further in the event of anything more than a minor conflagration.

My interpretation of the fine print and the links within the Labour Party Press Release (PDF) is that Sidcup is the most likely of Bexley’s fire stations to lose an appliance. However it has been left to Labour councillors from Thamesmead and Erith to argue the case for Bexley residents.

With the number of houses in Bexley due to soar by a near incredible 21,500, reducing the fire cover still further seems to be one of Johnson’s sillier ideas. Maybe we should vote for a change of direction come May. At least there may be less political interference to resolve Bexley’s criminal inclinations.

Councillors leading the fire fight. Abena Oppong-Asare, Edward Boateng and Joe Ferreira

LFB Consultation. London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority chaired by Bexley Councillor - he gets everywhere - Gareth Bacon. Who puts such people in responsible positions? You really shouldn’t vote for them.


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