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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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16 January (Part 4) - Four councillors rolled out of a pub. Tipsy Tories

Face BookThe Bexley is Bonkers Facebook page which disappeared over night is restored after a fashion, at least the link on the menu bar above now works and no longer creates an error.

It’s hard to be sure exactly what happened but the speculation is that the Maxine Fothergill reports were just too much for some people and they made sufficient complaints to Facebook to get the automated features to kick in and remove all traces of BiB on Facebook.

Because I set up the original account which was taken over by someone more expert in these things than I am the account was never quite as it should be so an entirely new one has been created.

It will take a while before things are back to something like normal but like every other bit of nonsense from Bexley Council it will blow back in their face. All the old stuff can be regurgitated and put before a new set of readers.


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