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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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16 January (Part 2) - Pricing themselves out of the market

The good people of Sidcup, or at least those living near to the station, were not slow to tell me that they too suffered during the Barnehurst landslip.

Reports are that the station car park was full and has been busier than usual for several months past. The reason for that is not very hard to deduce.

Sidcup car parkSoutheastern charges £85 a month or £889 a year for parking and Bexley charges £87 and £1,026. It was £64 and £684 until too many people put their X in the wrong place.

Five years ago BiB was complaining that Bexley Council claimed to have the cheapest parking in South East London. It was a lie. Only the car park next to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich was more expensive.

Bexley council continues to delude itself and attempt to bamboozle the population.

It now claims that its charges are competitive and they should not have harmful consequences.
So far at least the main harm seems to be to Bexley Council’s parking revenue. It’s been falling.

Given a choice of £889 a year to park next to the railway station or £1,084 for a place two hundred yards away the other side of a busy road, which would you choose?


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