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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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9 January - Biggest fly tip ever!

CrossrailSo the Christmas recycling collections may not have been perfect and the brown bins were not emptied at all but overall there wasn’t a lot to complain about, but if you are feeling hard done by, spare a thought for the orange army that worked through some appalling weather on Crossrail.

Their landfill contractor shut up shop for an extended holiday which threatened to bring the work around Abbey Wood station to a halt. To allow them to keep going their trackside land from the station to the eastern end of Alsike Road, it must be nearly half a mile, was filled with rubbish.

The past week has been spent scraping it all up and carting it away. Maybe it’s a small reason for UK rail fares being the highest in Europe. Ultimately it will be passengers who pay for the contractor’s close down.

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