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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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1 January (Part 3) - The police are plodding, if they are moving at all

I have a feeling that the police are going to figure large in blogs over the coming months. At the sharp end they generally do a good job but they are far too politicised.

A letter came from the Met’s Department of Professional Standards two days ago, post marked second class on Christmas Eve. Except for its date and the duplicate name it is absolutely identical to the one sent out on 23rd November 2015.

This month’s letter.

There appears to be a macro running on a police computer that simply bungs out a standard letter once a month. It has been going on in some shape or form since June 2012 when Commissioner Hogan-Howe was asked to look into the failure (at that time) to investigate Bexley Council’s obscene blog. It was eventually traced to Councillor Peter Craske’s home phone line - oh bugger that’s my first prediction of the year proved wrong already.

Hogan-HoweDespite the intervention of the IPCC the Met has no real intention of putting former Bexley Police Commander, CS Dave Stringer on a charge. Because the evidence is rather damning they are just making up excuses.

It will be much the same with the Will Tuckley Cheryl Bacon case.

The evidence stacked against them is even more damning and Greenwich police did a fine job of getting it as far as the Crown Prosecution Service - the Special Case Unit no less - without being told to drop it. Now we are two weeks past the day when the CPS promised to give the police advice on what is to be done next.

But nada!

Can you imagine the new Chief Executive at Tower Hamlets Council, appointed under the auspices of government installed Commissioners being charged with Misconduct in a Public Office? Just think of the embarrassment. Embarrassment which Mick Barnbrook did his best to head off but they called him a vexatious Fascist and carried on regardless.

The CPS can delay as much as they like, they may even be trying to play it straight, but they are sure to be under pressure to find an excuse to get Tuckley and Bacon off the hook. Tuckley and the CPS conspired to “resolve [Craske’s] ongoing situation”. They know how it’s done. The alternative is to keep everyone waiting three and a half years as in the Peter Craske case.

Last month’s letter.

I took up the offer to get in touch about “issues and queries” last month. There was neither acknowledgement nor reply. The Met are cynically waiting for old men to give up safe in the knowledge that the IPCC has no power over delay.


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