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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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1 January (Part 1) - The New Year is here. Oh, no. Not another one

Those who follow local politics will know who Grant Blowers is. Stalwart of the Labour party in Sidcup. We may not always agree politically but he sums up my feelings for today perfectly.

GrantThe mood is not helped by waking up to aches and sneezes and going deaf in one ear on Boxing Day. Just wax I am sure but resistant so far to remedies sold at pharmacies.

BiB will presumably be shaken out of its lethargy eventually, it always is, but meanwhile I have to rearrange all the menus for 2016. I’ve half forgotten how to do it.

Now that the blog is into its eighth year, some things are not going to fit when viewed in large font mode. I may be some time.

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