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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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29 February - Big boots may be filled. Almost literally

StewardNext Wednesday evening Bexley Council will confirm the predicted appointment of Gillian Steward as its new Chief Executive. She was chosen by Council Leader Teresa O’Neill on 3rd February thereby dashing any hopes Director and Deputy CE Paul Moore might have had that he would fill the vacancy permanently.

One might wonder why Bexley needs a Chief Executive at all given it has a full time Council Leader already, the financial saving would be at least eight times the cost of maintaining a Splash Park into the future.

Bexley has decided to pay the new Chief Executive no more than £2,000 a year for expenses which is just as well given Ms. Steward’s track record in earlier jobs, in Cornwall in particular.

In line with Bexley Council’s usual contempt for its residents, it plans to prevent the public from witnessing any discussion councillors may have regarding this expensive new appointment. Maybe it wouldn’t like knowledge of Ms. Steward’s past becoming too well known.

Cornish residents may have other ideas; I have already been in receipt of messages describing how residents there believe she was good only at lining her own pocket.

With luck, unlike her predecessor, Ms. Steward won’t find her name before Counsel at the CPS for her misdeeds.

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