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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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27 February - The view from inside

Whilst out taking pictures one day within the past two weeks, I am being deliberately vague to make any guessing that might go on more difficult, someone came up for a chat. This person was at one time within the past five years (vague again) part of Bexley Council, but not any more.

I was assured that BiB’s repeated theme that Bexley Council is corrupt and frequently lies and generally cheats is absolutely correct. Patronage, favours and a disdain for independent thought were all mentioned as was animosity towards any councillor tempted to speak up for residents.

That Leader Teresa O’Neill is a domineering bully who dictates the Council’s chosen path of dishonesty above transparency was also said to be deadly accurate.

There is unfortunately no recording of the conversation so you can only take my word for it if you are so inclined, but personally it was hugely reassuring to have the 20 minutes of confirmation from an insider.


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