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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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25 February (Part 1) - Chaos by design

I have given up on driving home via Albion Road and Church Road. First you have a roundabout that doesn’t allow anyone to maintain any lane discipline and then you get held up in a queue which prevents a right turn from Broadway into Church Road.

BashfordIt used to be possible to join an outside queue and turn right but since the award winning redesign the carriageway is narrower than it was.

I am not alone in thinking that the problem could be easily solved by slicing a couple of feet from the traffic island or maybe nudging it a little to the north,  but there is little possibility of common sense being applied because residents are up against Andrew Bashford, its designer and one of the men who inspired this website back in 2009 when he lied to me over Abbey Road, Belvedere. He said that his width reductions conformed to the Transport Research Laboratory’s recommendations unaware that those recommendations came from the department where my own son was the Senior Consultant.

Now buses struggle to pass each other.

The crossing is rarely used, perhaps because it is right next to a traffic light controlled crossing. Maybe Mr. Bashford hasn’t noticed.

Broadway Broadway Broadway Broadway
Mr. Bashford says he has no plans to change the junction to relieve congestion, he has no interest in anything that might take away the symmetry of Trinity Place. It is designed to please the eye, nothing else.

Things can only get worse under Stage 3 of the Phase II regeneration. Albion Road is to lose two of its four lanes.


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