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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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24 February (Part 3) - Broadway cracking on

Broadway BroadwayIt’s five weeks since I was last in Bexleyheath for any reason other than attending a council meeting so it was about time that was put right to see how Phase II of the Broadway regeneration is coming along.

The Phase I blocks had to be dug up and replaced with tarmac after a year and it is still not difficult to find blocks that are reluctant to stay put. That problem was said to be one of design and specification rather than poor workmanship so now that the problem has been identified we are not going to see a repeat are we? Don’t hold your breath!

The photographs were taken at one o’clock today when traffic was light; even so one didn’t have to hang around for long to see the one way working create a queue around Trinity Place and into Albion Road.

Part of the problem would appear to be the poor design on the approach to Church Road. Aren’t all traffic problems in Bexley due to poor design?

While standing around waiting for the right moment to snatch a picture I saw some absolutely shocking examples of inconsiderate driving and I don’t just mean those travelling towards Welling who correctly (†) believe they are on a T junction with right of way, and those emerging from Albion Road who innocently believe they are on a roundabout. A few pictures tomorrow.

† The road direction signs show a T junction, not a roundabout. The circular pattern on the road is Bexley Council’s idiocy and should never be seen as anything else.


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