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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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22 February - One for the train spotters

Arrivals Southeastern staff told me yesterday that a test train was due into Abbey Wood station at 04:30 this morning, so it was a bit disappointing to leave the house at 04:10 and see it go by.

In the event it probably didn’t make much difference; I had planned to photograph it on its approach to the Harrow Manorway flyover but it was so dark there with no street lights that probably even my f1·4 lens would prove inadequate.

The public was allowed on to the new platform shortly after 5 a.m. Most of it is roofed which was welcome on such a wet morning but as yet there are no benches. Only one of the three arrivals indicators was switched on but one was being worked on and displaying garbage.

All trains, even four coach ones, will stop at the far end of the platform for the foreseeable future to allow maximum space for work to continue at the rear, eastern, end.

The platform exit is a bit small but it’s the best that could be fitted in the available space.

But the first train arrived a minute early announced by the clatter generated as it passed by the new concrete wall.

For the real train buffs I should perhaps admit that the train shown leaving the station in the associated set of pictures is in fact the earlier test train. Even I can see it is different. There was a technical problem with the camera. I must learn to delete old files from the memory card more often.

In the dark and the rain I managed to walk into a bollard on the unlit flyover, fortunately I kicked it rather than crash into it totally. Then I misjudged where the bottom step was on the very dark staircase. Does Bexley Council care? Obviously not or the lights would not have been out since November.

A dozen Abbey Wood station photos.

PS: The closure of the northern station entrance has been deferred until April.


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