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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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15 February - Another playground for Belvedere. Totally water free

No Splash ParkBexley Council has today announced what it will do with the 100 year old water play facility at the top of Heron Hill in Belvedere now that it has confirmed its October 2014 decision not to bring the Splash Park up to modern standards.

Councillor Peter Craske plans to install an innovative new ‘dry’ facility with disabled children firmly in mind.

He says that spending £300,000 in Belvedere is more than Council Tax payers can afford. Just a few months ago he spent £105,000 in Lesnes Abbey park on just one slide, albeit a rather elaborate one.

One wonders how much playground Councillor Craske will be able to provide on the Splash Park site for the money he is prepared to spend. And why should he be spending anything when there is already a massive ‘dry’ playground the other side of the road? Perhaps the latter is ripe for redevelopment and with it more cash for Bexley Council?

Council Press Release. (What Councillor Craske says.)
Facebook comments. (What Belvedere residents say.)


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