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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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14 February - Mud, sand and York stone

Bexley Council has taken the easy way out with Lesnes Abbey park, they failed to keep it clean so they closed it.

However no one works there at the weekend so its not difficult to get in and take a look. The main paths are reasonably mud free at the moment, most of them anyway, but wear sturdy shoes.

Some untidy hedges have been removed along New Road which appears to be a good thing and the meandering new paths have been topped off with a sandy material. I hope it is an interim stage because feet and bike wheels have churned it up somewhat. A new path has been driven out as far as Harrow Manorway (Photo 8). Another good thing because in the past the long grass would always leave walkers with wet shoes.

The new Visitor Centre (Photo 1) is making very slow progress, it is not obviously different from how it looked last week.
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